Biweekly Update #16

Biweekly Update #16

As we wrap up an amazing year at Entangle we’re going out with a bang for our final biweekly update.

Development 👷

Unified Data Streaming

  • Active development on Unified Data Streaming protocol for Real World Assets (RWA) interaction and market data streaming.

NGL Agent Staking

  • Contracts for NGL staking and delegation module for Agents (keepers) finalized.
  • Rigorous testing and internal audits in progress.
  • Adaptation process underway for Agents (keepers) to align with Unified Data Streaming and NGL staking logic.


  • Contracts for Webverse minting completed and audited.

Liquid Vaults

  • Initiatives started for updating and integrating key components into the mainnet.


  • Progress on integrating OKX x1 Layer 2 blockchain for CCM and LSD protocol, in collaboration with DODO DEX.

Marketing 📊

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Audit partnership with Halborn: 

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Google Cloud Partnership: 

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Community 🫂

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