Arbitrum Ecosystem Highlight

Arbitrum Ecosystem Highlight

Entangle is dedicated to breaking down the barriers of siloed liquidity with our customizable and interoperable infrastructure. Our latest innovation, a new messaging infrastructure, is set to transform data integration and authentication  for decentralised applications (dApps) with customizability at the core.

This enhancement comes into play significantly with Arbitrum, the leading Layer 2 solution in our industry with over $7 billion in Total Value Locked (TVL). By integrating with Arbitrum, we're elevating its ecosystem in key ways:

Liquid Vaults

Our Liquid Vaults are a game-changer in allowing the utilisation of yield bearing assets such as LP Tokens as collateral for applications. By converting these tokens into composable Liquid Staking Derivatives (LSDs), we significantly enhance capital efficiency, increase liquidity retention with the potential to supercharge yield.  

For example, traditionally, depositing assets in Camelot yields returns a % on your Liquidity Position. However, with Liquid Vaults, converting your LP tokens into LSDs you can earn on the underlying whilst now having the ability to borrow against your position with leading money market protocols such as Radiant. This strategy not only enhances capital efficiency but also provides better probability of liquidity retention for DEXs such as Camelot whilst broadening the scope of assets that can be accepted by Radian (Money Markets).

Optimising ecosystem liquidity to a thriving ecosystem like Arbitrum is positive news for users and DApps. DApps can now utilise liquidity assets between each other whilst widening their product offerings.

Photon Messaging Layer

The Photon Messaging Layer enhances cross-chain communication, offering a customizable way to send messages between EVM and non-EVM blockchains. Entangle provides developers and Dapps the autonomy to build their own custom pathways for processing and transmitting cross-chain messages and data. Additionally, keeper agents which are messengers for data can be configured flexibly to suit requirements.  This innovation allows protocols to achieve an optimal balance between security, cost and decentralisation and directly benefits platforms like Arbitrum by enabling them to transmit messages to any DAPp or communicate with the outside world in a highly secure and customised manner.

Entangle Oracle and Data Feeds

Entangle offers a versatile data aggregation tool from both DeFi and CeFi sources secured by the blockchain. Allowing Dapps and developers to create custom, authenticated data sets from any on and off chain data sources, combined with the ability for custom deployment of messenger keepers (agents) helps facilitate the Arbitrum ecosystem to house Real World Assets on chain. 

Furthermore, the ability to set up custom price feeds for various assets unlocks additional new features. Protocols like Aevo and Deri can introduce exotic options trading and expand product offering by having access to authenticated and varied data sets. 

With a modular blockchain dedicated to computing, storing and authenticating data,  Entangle can significantly reduce the cost of price data for developers and end users, while increasing security significantly. 


Entangle's latest developments within the Arbitrum ecosystem reflect a significant stride in the integration and optimization of decentralized finance (DeFi) services. The introduction of Liquid Vaults and the Photon Messaging Layer signifies a move towards greater liquidity and cross-chain interactions, promising enhanced returns and broadened financial strategies for users. 

Furthermore, their Oracle Solution paves the way for innovative asset interaction and cost-effective and custom data solutions, suggesting a future where DeFi's reach can expand beyond its current confines. 

When looked as a collective with the modularity, security and customizability, Entangle is positioned to add significant value to the Arbitrum ecosystem, not only in optimising liquidity and an injection of interoperability,  but also unlocking a plethora of use cases including but not limited to Composable Real World Assets on-chain.