GameFi Infrastructure

GameFi Infrastructure

Crypto has the ability to enable and unlock creative use cases that are pivotal to the future of finance and related applications. As one of the largest and fastest-growing entertainment industries, gaming becomes an ideal match for Web3, where payments, peer-to-peer interactions and asset ownership can be decentralised and monetised.

Powering Web3 Gaming

As users begin to seek new and exciting ways to interact with games and finance, we’re meeting them at a crossroads to power these new experiences. By analyzing new possibilities within Web3, Entangle is making the necessary developments to ensure we’re empowering games and developers with the best tools for maximum scalability.

By supporting our integrated partners with cutting-edge, customizable, and interoperable data infrastructure, we are unlocking a new era of Web3 gaming.

Use Cases

On-Chain Achievement Tracking System

Take Mavia as an example, an on-chain achievement tracking system is possible now with in games to record accomplishments like quest completions and battle victories on the blockchain. This allows for automatic, transparent rewards like tokens, special items, or NFT upgrades. It secures and immutably logs player progress, ensuring fairness and transparency, while enhancing engagement by linking actions to rewards, boosting continued participation in the game's ecosystem.

Automated Rarity Events

Looking at Illuvium, the Entangle infrastructure could trigger automated events when players discover rare Illuvials. For example, if a number of players capture a new rare Illuvial, a limited-time event could increase its appearance, giving more players opportunities to find and capture it. This dynamic response to player discoveries makes hunting for rare Illuvials exciting, boosts community engagement, and balances the game's ecosystem by temporarily increasing the accessibility of rare Illuvials, maintaining player interest.

Dynamic Marketplace

Shrapnel could automate dynamic marketplace events, such as limited-time offers or special auctions, based on player trading activities. For example, high trading volumes of a specific in-game asset could trigger events offering related items or discounts. This strategy keeps the in-game economy active, enriching the trading experience, thereby continuously supporting economies and rebalancing players assets.

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Our team is eager to engage with developers across all genres of games, ranging from First Person Shooters (FPS) to mini-games. With customisability at the core, Entangle’s mission is to facilitate the scalability of Web3 entities with flexible mechanics to match bespoke requirements.

About Entangle

Entangle is the first customisable & interoperabie data infrastructure built for Web3 and Institutions.

We resolve smart contract communication, liquidity and scalability.

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