Upgrading Games from Web2 to Web3

Upgrading Games from Web2 to Web3

Web3 development, security and infrastructure requires a considerable amount of time, effort and resources. On the other hand game development often requires somewhat contrasting skills and craftsmanship with attention to detail, design and creativity. Successful blockchain integrations for Gaming would require a steep learning curve for game developers. With attention split between two contrasting skill sets, this would likely reduce the proficiency of the intended result.

The difficulty compounds if there is a requirement for game assets or the game to have interoperable aspects  between different web3 ecosystems. Transitioning to Web3 requires a number of considerations both in architecture and execution:

1. Data Transfer and Security: Data transfer to Web 3, consensus on accuracy and security is a significant challenge. This requires building the appropriate infrastructure that can obtain these goals. 

2. Interoperability: Moving data between different blockchains represents diverse challenges, meaning game developers have to ensure their games can operate with various other components and systems, adding additional complexity

3. Cost: Building and maintaining specific web3 infrastructure for games can be costly with various hardware, smart contract and software requirements

In order to address challenges as such, games transitioning to web3 require a secure, fully customisable and secure cross-chain messaging solution supported by universal data feeds delivered to smart contracts in an authenticated, transparent manner.

Such a solution would reduce factors game devs have to focus on, such as: choice of blockchain protocol and maintaining backend operations.

Market Potential

It is important to note that the current market value of web3 games is $154 billion and it is projected to increase to $614 billion by 2030, according to estimates from Fortune Business Insights analysis. This presents a promising opportunity for game developers to explore. 

Transitioning  Web2 games to Web3 can provide game developers with a simpler way to enhance revenue through peer to peer competition, NFTs (in-game assets) and diverse financial mechanics such as DEFi to incentivise game players. 

Just as Entangle's Liquid Vaults make it possible for protocols to share liquidity via  Liquid Staked Derivatives from any yield asset, the solutions can also drive liquidity and interoperability to blockchain gaming assets. 

The plan is to achieve this by allowing NFTs to be enriched with real data from web2 game' servers via the Entangle universal data solution. This will revolutionise the gaming experience for players, giving them ownership of their gaming assets while also providing a flexible and interoperable solution for game developers. 

Data Delivery

The Entangle data and oracle solution can become a bridge between web 2 and web 3. It provides a trustless and efficient model of providing data on-chain and being queried and delivered to smart contracts. 

With a dedicated Blockchain, Entangle ensures on-chain data verification as well as higher cost efficiency for storage and output purposes. This allows for the secure, transparent and cheaper transfers of game data from web2 to web3. Furthermore, Entangle also allows protocols the freedom to run customised data agent transmitters on their own infrastructure. 

Blockchain Interoperability

The Photon messaging layer opens up connections between  a wide range of different blockchains. This way, game developers avoid being confined to users locked inside one chain and achieve a much more accessible and diverse Web3 population. This includes both EVM and non EVM blockchains.

Additionally, more advanced developers for particular use cases maintain the flexibility to customize transmitters and select a consensus level that aligns with their specific needs. 

This level of customization allows for a tailored approach to meeting your requirements.

Furthermore, The Entangle oracle solution continuously aggregates data from a wide range of sources, expanding the user's capabilities or enhances creativity and possibilities from a developer perspective. This ensures that our solution remains adaptable and versatile, capable of meeting the diverse needs of Web2 and GameFi particularly.

Focus on what you do best

Moving from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0 is not a straightforward process. It involves a thorough evaluation of various factors including both technical & business.

With adaptable and interoperable infrastructure capable of powering Web2 to Web3 game transitions of all sizes and complexity, Entangle is positioned to take a central role in partnering with games wanting to transition to Web3 seamlessly.

In doing so, we allow game developers to focus on doing what they do best- creating,  refining and fine tuning gameplay!