Borpa Airdrop Update

60 million BORPA Tokens for the Entangle ecosystem.

Borpa Airdrop Update

Memecoins are leading the narratives for a full-fledged bull market, and Borpa is positioned to be atop the trend as the next-generation memecoin. We start this update with what we call Borpa June at Entangle Labs, with the party commencing on June 5th with the official Borpa Public Sale. Borpa is primed to lead the pack for winning the ultimate prize of bluechip status for this memecoin supercycle.  

We are further pleased to announce an exclusive airdrop totalling 60 million BORPA Tokens, reserved for the Entangle ecosystem. This airdrop presents an opportunity for every loyal and committed member of the Entangle ecosystem. 


To be eligible for the Borpa Airdrop, you must have staked $NGL tokens, the Webverse NFT, or even better - both!

$NGL Stakers

For $NGL stakers, the minimum requirement is that each wallet must have at least 4000 $NGL staked to qualify. Any $NGL staked above this minimum will accrue additional $BORPA rewards.

Webverse Stakers

For Webverse holders, the requirement is to stake your NFT. The longer you have staked, the more your NFTs will reflect an increase in energy on the portal. This means that the higher your energy level, the higher your reward allocation.

Borpa Airdrop Distribution

Borpa has 10% {100,000,000 $BORPA} of its total supply allocated for the airdrop, of which 6% is reserved for the Entangle Ecosystem as follows:.

2% {20,000,000 $BORPA} is for $NGL stakers 
4% {40,000,000 $BORPA} to Webverse stakers

At TGE, an initial 33% will be released respectively for eligible participants. The remainder, 67%, will be daily linear vested over 21 days. 

Note that the more $NGL you hold and stake, the more $BORPA you will receive.

How to Stake

To stake your $NGL, access the  Entangle Hub, identify a Validator or a Transmitter Agent, and delegate your $NGL to them at a 9% APR reward. Refer to the “How to Delegate your NGL” blog for a step-by-step guide.

Note: When you stake $NGL tokens, you can earn rewards and participate in the airdrop. However, if you decide to un-delegate your staked $NGL tokens, they will enter a 21-day lock period during which they cannot be withdrawn or transferred, and you will no longer earn staking rewards.

The pop-up box to add your Solana wallet address is live on the Entangle Hub Explorer.

Borpa Public Sale and Beyond

The Public Sale starts on June 5th after our AMA session on Twitter. It has the following four phases: 

  1. The Whitelist Round (June 5-8)
  2. Overflow Round (June 8-15)
  3. Waiting Period (June 15-26), 
  4. Claim (June 27). 

Each phase offers specific purchasing and claiming opportunities. Playing the financial game on Borpa will automatically enter you into eligibility for rewards with Trillion, an innovative DEFi application looking to redefine restaking. More details on this will be revealed in due course!

The Borpa launch and airdrop is around the corner. The sooner you stake your $NGL tokens, the better your position in the race, not just for BORPA but a lot more!

For questions about the airdrop, NGL staking, and Borpa airdrop, refer to our FAQ.