Modular: Plug & Play

Modular: Plug & Play

Crypto’s trajectory leans toward adaptability, customizability, and most importantly, modularity. This shift towards modularity is driven by the potential for greater cost efficiency, flexibility and product possibilities.

What is Modularity in Web3?

Modularity refers to designing the system in distinct, interdependent layers instead of a singular unit. The L2 blockchain Mantle showcased this by innovatively separating its components, delegating responsibilities to a third party for the Data Availability Layer. This architecture promises enhanced efficiency and scalability, a departure from traditional L2 models that tether most of their layers to Ethereum.

The Oracle Conundrum

While Mantle increased efficiency through modularity, the same can't be said for oracle solutions. As a core piece of infrastructure to accurately report data, Oracles are critical in linking blockchains with real-world and on-chain data. Current solutions have attempted modularity by allowing protocols to tailor selection of service providers. However, they fall short in terms of flexibility and customization or often compromising security too.

The Solution: Entangle's Modular Oracle

Entangle takes a new and exciting approach alleviating constraints faced with existing oracle solutions. By presenting a modular system without restrictive infrastructure and excessive fees, Entangle grants protocols the permissionless autonomy they desire.

Builders can now fully customize their security parameters, set and select their number of keepers with the ability to launch custom on-chain price-feeds, showcasing the power of the modular Entangle Infrastructure.

Live For Testing

Our Modular Oracle is no longer a concept, it’s now a reality for both EVM and Non EVM networks. Dedicated to customization and versatility, builders can now tweak settings based on unique requirements, ensuring adaptability for their products. A platform designed with real problems in mind, ready to meet the demands of our evolving industry.

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