Road to Mainnet: Solana

Learn about Entangle's integration with Solana.

Road to Mainnet: Solana

Entangle is excited to announce a strategic integration with Solana, a collaboration poised to advance Solana’s vision of resolving blockchain scalability challenges. This integration combines Solana’s innovative approach to blockchain architecture—emphasizing speed, scalability, and efficiency—with Entangle's comprehensive suite of data infrastructure solutions. Together, we aim to facilitate a scalable, low-fee environment conducive to the growth of NFT communities, DeFi platforms, and a new generation of digital participants attracted by Solana’s performance and cost-effectiveness.

Advancing Beyond EVM Compatibility

Solana's inception was driven by the desire to address the limitations of existing blockchain technologies, focusing on speed, reduced latency, scalability, and environmental considerations. Opting for a unique blockchain architecture over the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), Solana introduced the Proof-of-History (PoH) consensus mechanism, enabling rapid transaction validation and high network throughput. 

The adaptation of Entangle’s offerings to support Solana’s infrastructure involved significant architectural refinements, including a streamlined smart contract endpoint to enhance protocol interactions. The Solana Virtual Machine (SVM) underscores this evolution, supporting efficient smart contract execution and programming flexibility with languages such as Rust, C, and C++. Recognizing the future of blockchain interoperability, Solana and Entangle are enhancing composability within the Ethereum ecosystem and beyond, leveraging EVM compatibility tools like Neon EVM to combine the best of both worlds.

Integrations flow both ways, with Entangle’s omnichain meme token Borpa requiring a Solana specific bridge to be built. Entangle Labs created a bespoke solution, a native bridge with Mint/Burn logic, meaning a token is burned on the source chain for every one minted on the destination chain. This required the inclusion of the appropriate permissions in the token contract itself to allow our contracts to mint new tokens, but as a result there is no need for liquidity pools to bridge tokens and unlike in many bridges, transfers are not limited by available liquidity.  

By creating this solution for the Solana blockchain, it opens up other bridging possibilities for native projects looking for customizable solutions to unlock and enhance the omnichain potential of their assets. 

By way of example, a Lock/Unlock token bridge could be constructed as needed, so that the token is deposited in a LP on the source chain and sent to an LP on the destination chain, or in cases where the token is not available on the destination chain by depositing a wrapped version of the token. This can be done with any transferable token, however a solution like this would require LP on every chain that is to be integrated.

Enhanced Interoperability and Communication

Underpinning our integration is the Photon Messaging Protocol, a groundbreaking addition that, alongside Solana’s forthcoming Firedancer upgrade, promises to significantly enhance network capabilities. This protocol ensures timely and efficient communication across decentralized applications (dApps), fostering innovation and expanding Solana’s utility. By integrating the Photon Messaging Protocol, wallet services and other blockchain networks can achieve reliable, scalable omnichain communication, empowering Solana with unparalleled smart contract automation and cross-chain interoperability.

Innovative Liquidity Solutions

The collaboration introduces Liquid Vaults, Entangle's pioneering dApp that generates Composable Derivative Tokens (CDTs) from yield-bearing assets within the Solana ecosystem. This innovation facilitates liquidity sharing among protocols, offering liquidity providers lucrative refinancing opportunities to maximize returns across diverse DeFi applications. Liquid Vaults exemplifies the potential of omnichain liquidity solutions, enabling users to navigate the crypto ecosystem for optimal yields and enhancing capital efficiency across the board.

Customizable Data for Web3 

Entangle's blockchain technology aims to streamline financial processes and unlock new use cases. Our integration with Solana provides developers and traditional enterprises with customizable data feeds to pioneer solutions in Real World Assets (RWA), decentralized finance (DeFi), artificial intelligence (AI), and more. This integration enables seamless integration of Web2 data, facilitating a myriad of applications within the Solana ecosystem and ensuring the security, speed, and reliability expected by traditional entities.

A Vision for Scalable Blockchain Solutions

The Solana network sets a new standard for blockchain scalability, boasting the capacity for high transaction throughput while maintaining minimal fees, even under heavy demand. This capability is critical for both current and future Web2 and Web3 applications, underscoring Solana’s unique position in the blockchain landscape. 

The integration of Entangle and Solana marks a pivotal step toward a unified, interoperable blockchain ecosystem, enhancing the functionality of yield-bearing assets and broadening the possibilities for liquidity and data exchange across the blockchain sphere. Together, we are paving the way for a more connected, efficient, and innovative future in blockchain technology.